Pizza Delivery is a movie made by youtuber captaincc7567 (Known as Mr.Rundown101 on many brickfilming communities).


It starts out with a LEGO minifigure answering a call in a pizza shop. On the other end of the call is an owl! Ron (the delivery boy) and Chuck (the owl) have a conversation before Ron hops on his bike to go to the owl's house. On the way, Ron has to go through the Grand Canyon, under water, and withstand a tornado before he gets there. When he finally does, it's been thirty minutes! Now Chuck gets the pizza for free, and then Ron gets squished by Chuck's mom.


Pizza Delivery was filmed by a then 10 year old boy in about three days, but there was about 8 hours of filming put in. He had to hurry after he found out a contest put on by the mnmtwinz ended in 2 days. Captaincc7567 did not win anything.

The film was released on June 30, 2011.


Captaincc7567.......Director, Producer, Editor, Animator, Sound effects, and Cameraman


Kevin Macleod........Composer effects

Fun FactsEdit

  • This is captaincc7567's second most succesful video as of 7/30/2012
  • Captaincc7567 has confirmed a sequel.

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