Hollow Earth is a 2013 sci if brickfilm created by Funmi Productions. It is about an officer who discovers a secret that endangers his life.


In the future, earth was attack by aliens. Some fled, but some are still on the earth. In prevent the aliens from destroying us, the new world government formed the SPF(Special police force) just to hunt these aliens down. Cory Ryder, a young SPF officer is sent on a mission to kill some aliens in his area, and is ordered to report to the clean up crew and leave the area as soon as he is done. Cory kills the aliens. While trying to call the cleanup crew, the signal is too weak, making Cory unable to make contact. Suddenly, the alien bodies morph into human bodies. Cory finds a disk on one of the victims. Back at his base, he discovers the two men he killed were reported missing, and discovers that the aliens are in control of the government, and have a bigger plan called Phase 2. Commander bolt, Cory's boss who is an alien leader discovers what Cory knows, and attempts to kill him, but Cory escaped, and travels to section 1 so he can receive help.

Hollow Earth-005:34

Hollow Earth-0


This is Funmi productions biggest project so far. It took him 5 months to finish.

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