Bricks In Motion is a website for brickfilmers. It has many well-known brickfilming/former brickfilming members such as David Pagano, Nick Durron, Just Kidden, Smeagol, Squash, Hazzat, Jargon, MindGame and LegoShark.


The homepage has a panel on the left, with the newest films from the film directory. In the middle of the page there are announcements, which would display a main contest/festival, or if a large film was being produced. On the right is a box where either the login is shown, or a control panel with:

  • Submit Film,
  • Manage Films,
  • Profile,
  • and Logout.


Or the film directory. This is much like the Releases Forum, only it is not a forum. The films are displayed in a list, with the same rating system. There are also three different lists, with

  • All films, which show all films starting from the newest,
  • Reccomended, these are recommended by staff, and
  • Staff Favorites.

It also has a search funtion, which is on the top left.


Its forums are:

  • Contests & Festivals
  • Releases
  • WIPs and Tests
  • Pre- Production
  • Production
  • Post- Production
  • Software & Hardware
  • Audio
  • Bricks

Community forums:

  • General Film Discussion
  • Other Films
  • Community (Although you must be invited to that particular forum)

And finally there are the Website Forums:

  • Guidelines
  • Updates and Feedback

The site also includes a live IRC chat room.

Contests & FestivalsEdit

This is where you post news and disscutions about competitions and festivals.

Only moderators and admins can post a thread in here or move a thread here.

There are recurring contests, such as:

Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, commonly known as THAC,

The Easter Brickfilming Contest,

Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long, also known as BRAWL,


The Festival Of Souls,

And many more!


This is where you can post trailers and finished projects.

Members can give a rating on a release out of five, and they can post comments on it, since this is a forum.


This page has many articles about brickfilming, with categories such as:

  1. Open Beta, which is a beta testing area for the articles,
  2. Pre-Production, which has three sub-categories, Inspiration, Writing, and Voice Acting,
  3. Production, which has three sub-categories, Equipment, Setup, and Filming,
  4. Post-Production, which has four sub-categories, Editing, Sound, Music, and Effects,
  5. and Software, which has three sub-categories, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Resources also has a search panel, a navigation panel, and on the left, a box with the options:

  1. Start New Draft,
  2. Submit Link,
  3. My Content,
  4. and Logout.


The store has two panels on the left, one a film directory search function, and the other a new films panel. For sale are BricksInMotion t-shirts, but blue ones are currently out of stock in all sizes. There is a standard payment panel on the right. Under the t-shirts are advertisements for various brickfilming-related items, which are split up into three categories,

  1. Hardware, such as microphones, webcams, and others,
  2. LEGO, with various LEGO items that might be useful,
  3. and Miscellaneous items useful for brickfilming.

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